Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've spent the past 7 days in a pleasant sort of limbo, having finished one job and about to start another in March.

The time has passed in a quick and pleasant manner. I've:
  • Slept late and gone to bed quite early
  • Played silly computer games
  • Read a couple of books
  • Accompanied M on visits to walk dogs and feed a rabbit
  • Eaten far to much and too often
  • Bought a car and done some basic maintenance on it.
The frightening thing is what a nice life you can have limited to the above list. I don't miss my work at all, and in fact have scarcely given it a thought. This seems to fly in the face of a lot of research that claims work is crucial to an individual's sense of worth and identity. That maybe true of skilled professionals such as doctors and engineers, but surely most of us have rich and fulfilling lives outside work? 

Anyway, it's been a very welcome break and I start the new job next week with a sense of purpose and focus that the short break provides.